Frequently Ask Question's

Yes! You are welcome to sell your vehicle to Friendly Auto Buyers with no obligation to purchase another vehicle. However, many people enjoy the simplicity of using their Cash Offer voucher to trade in their vehicle for any of the vehicles on Friendlyautobuyer.com.

Yes. In order to obtain the highest possible Cash Offer amount, it’s best to upload several photos that clearly show your entire vehicle. When considering a vehicle purchase while not physically there to see it, photos are a crucial element used in determining the value. As a minimum, we recommend you provide at least one photo each of the following angles: the front, rear, each side, the dashboard gauges with the odometer clearly readable, and photos showing any modifications or damage it may have. The same type of photos are recommended when creating a listing that will successfully attract potential buyers.

Yes. If your vehicle’s Cash Offer amount is greater than the amount owed, you will be paid the difference, which is your equity. We send equity payments using your choice of PayPal, Venmo, bank wire, or check to you upon completion of the vehicle’s sales transaction paperwork. If you owe more than the Cash Offer amount, you will need to pay the negative equity amount so when our Cash Offer and your negative equity payment are combined, we can fully pay off the vehicle loan.

Yes Friendly Auto Buyers is a nationally recognized, publicly-traded company listed on the NASDAQ – RMBL, and maintains an enviable A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Having bought and sold tens of thousands of vehicles online, our mission at Friendly Auto Buyers is to make the way consumers and dealers buy, sell, trade, and finance pre-owned vehicles more enjoyable, transparent, and efficient. We stand behind every transaction 100% and maintain a Customer Success staff offering phone and email support to ensure every customer enjoys the best possible experience.

Sales tax is based on where you live. Some states, such as California, have different sales tax rates that apply within certain counties and/or cities. In such areas, sales tax calculations are based on your actual address.

No. In nearly all cases, the current odometer reading will be higher than the mileage printed on the title. However, if the current odometer reading is lower than what the title shows, there is a potential discrepancy, and the issue should be identified and/or resolved prior to sale. Transferring ownership on a vehicle that has a mileage discrepancy results in the permanent title brand of “True Miles Unknown”, and often negatively affects the value. For these reasons,  Friendly Auto Buyers is unable to provide Cash Offers on vehicles with mileage discrepancies.